Adele Village

Adele is a small village located 8km east of Rethymno town, on the way to Arkadi monastery. Strolling around the village, through the narrow paved small streets the visitor will come upon beautiful picturesque house yards, freshly whitewashed houses, historical churches and tasteful traditional coffee shops.

The central location of Adele village is ideal for those who want to travel around the island of Crete to visit various towns, villages, beaches, archaeological sights, and other points of interest.


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Rethymnon Town

Rethymno is the Town of Literature & Arts. It's the capital of the prefecture and it is also famous for having one of the most beautiful (Venetian) harbors on the north coast of Crete. A uniquely picturesque town characterized by both traditional and modern features. Every visitor is charmed by the wonderfully interesting and picturesque lanes of the old Town and the countless natural and historic monuments.

The old town of Rethymno is one of the most well-preserved Renaissance towns with buildings and areas characterized by their unique architecture such as the Venetian Loggia, the Rimondi Fountain, the Guora Gate(old city gate) etc. The old Venetian harbor of Rethymno is remarkably picturesque and includes the famous Lighthouse, Fortezza and the scenic port with its fishing boats.

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Arkadi Monastery

The historic monastery of Arkadi (in Greek: Moni Arkadiou) the central temples of which are consecrated to Saint Constantine (Agios Konstantinos) and Saint Helen. It is quite notable that Arkadi has been declared by UNESCO as European Monument of Liberty.

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Monastery of Preveli

The monastery of Preveli was built during the Middle Ages and is considered a religious & cultural centre for the local population. It contains numerous religious relics and icons, and many of its buildingshave been restored for the public to visit.

Right below the monastery is he palm forest and the unique sandy beach which is located at the end of the impressive Gorge of Kourtaliotis.

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Preveli Palm Forest & Beach

The tall, steep Gorge of Kourtaliotis meets the Libyan Sea and form a cool lagoon and sandy beach. Palms and oleanders create shade; a tropical paradise forest amidst the dry rocky Mediterranean terrain.

At the exit of the river, a sandy beach with pebbles and sand is formed, with sea water being very cool beacuse of the river.

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Eleftherna Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum of Eleftherna located in the heart of Crete with outstanding natural beauty, houses findings from the great cemetery of Homeric times which was discovered in 1985.

Also, the museum includes several Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman, early Christian and Byzantine items. The museum is considered comparable to those of Vergina, Delphi and Olympia.