Villas in Crete for Rent Private Pool - Carme Villas - Theatre

About us

These 5-star villas in Crete for rent are built in a verdurous and particularly quiet environment, in an olive grove of 12.000 m², at the village Adele.

Carme Villas has 12 individual 2-floor villas, each with a private swimming pool and a panoramic sea view. Here, guests can experience carefree holidays, and feel the calmness created by the superb sea-view and the imperious Psiloritis (Mount Ida), the highest mountain peak of Crete.

The property features a lounge-bar, a restaurant, and a tavern-bar where visitors can taste traditional local dishes, delicacies & drinks. The property is surrounded by endless gardens of a great variety of plants & flowers, an aquarium, a small stone-built theatre available for possible events and a playground for our younger visitors.

Our hotel is situated 800m from the sea and a 10 min.-drive from the centre of Rethymnon town.

Villas in Crete for Rent Private Pool - Carme Villas - Olive Grove

Our Origins

The name Carme was inspired by Greek Mythology. Carme was an ancient Cretan goddess. She was known as the mother of Vritomartis Diktynis, whom she acquired with Jupiter. Carme has also been mentioned as either Eubulus's or Cassiopeia's daughter.

Nowadays, Carme is the name of a group of satellites orbiting planet Jupiter. Here are the names of the moons that constitute Carme group: Herse, Pasithee, Chaldene, Arche, Isonoe, Erinome, Kale, Aitne, Taygete, Kalyke, Eukelade, Kallichore.

Facilities & Services

24/4 Reception
Free Wi-Fi
Free parking
Bar-restaurant with sea view
Traditional Greek breakfast (certified)
Gluten-free menus
Children playground
Health care
Car rental
Transfer to/from the airport (extra charge)
Room service
Personal grooming (extra charge)