Carme Gastronomy


Breakfast Area

Our breakfast is officially appointed by the Greek National Tourism Organization as traditional “Greek Breakfast”. The buffet is prepared daily with fresh, traditional Greek & Mediterranean ingredients. Gluten-free breakfast is also available.

The breakfast area is located on the second floor of the reception building.


In the modern area of the restaurant guests can taste the Mediterranean and Cretan Cuisine. They can also choose among the traditional delicacies and the unique dishes cooked exclusively from fresh local products.

Visitors can choose where to enjoy their meal; either in the internal space of the restaurant, or in the terrace with an open view to the endless blue of the sky & the sea.

Need for Gluten-free Menus

Our personal experience (the owner and his twin daughters suffer from celiac disease), allows us to fully realize the needs of the people who face celiac and the difficulty that they confront in order to satisfy their specific nutritional needs in a safe way on their holidays and on their nights out.

Carme Villas offer a special menu to people who are intolerant to gluten or suffer from celiac disease.

If you are interested in this gluten free menu, please let us know before your arrival.